GTRA GovTECH Call for Speakers

The GTRA Council is in the process of developing the program for its upcoming Summit. If you are interested in participating in the program, and have insight to share on one or many of the below topics, please contact our VP of Professional Development, Jessica Renaud, at


  • Strategically Investing in IT Innovation in a Budget-Constrained Environment
  • Key Innovation Initiatives: Evidence-Based Innovation Initiative, Data –Driven Innovation Fund, and Others
  • Harvesting Both Existing and Modern Technologies to Drive IT Development & Innovation Investments
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation through Experimentation, Evaluation, and Learning Leadership
  • Critical Success Factors of Managing a Service-Driven (Not an Asset-Driven) Environment
  • Investment Prioritization: Resource Allocation, ROI, Development, Workforce
  • IT Strategy: Creating a Highly Productive, Efficient, and Innovative IT Shop
  • Mitigating Risks in a High-Threat, Ever-Changing, Budget-Constrained Environment

Cyber & Information Security

  • Status on the Current & Future Policies/Initiatives Including FISMA, ICAM and Others
  • Identity & Access Management: How to Best Manage Internal/External Users and Trust Relationships
  • Workforce: Acquiring, Retaining, and Training Top IT Talent
  • Measuring Information Security: Metrics, Reporting, and Intelligence Utilization

Big Data, Data Intelligence & Analytics

  • Defining Big Data and Understanding How to Best Optimize its Ability to Improve Mission-Critical Programs
  • Reducing Privacy & Security Risks through Integrated Information and Security Governance
  • Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Data Evangelism, Data Utilization Training, and More
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring in Big Data Scenarios

Cloud Computing

  • State of Cloud Computing: Current Challenges Trends and Future Expectations
  • Understanding New Compliance & Regulatory Issues and Key Guidance Initiatives in Cloud Computing
  • Optimizing Key Components of the Cloud: Security, Data Migration & Utilization, and Mobility
  • Contract Considerations: Managing Risks, Getting What You Pay For, and Staying On-Time and InCompliance

Mobile Government

  • Digital Government Strategy – Stage II: Understand the Impact
  • Approaches for Filling the Security and Privacy Gaps in Federal Mobility
  • Current State vs Future Necessities: Data Standards, OTS vs Development, Authentication, Application Services, Infrastructure, and Beyond
  • Understanding the Cultural Adaptations Need for an Optimal Mobile Workforce


  • Current and Future Privacy Oversight, Policies, and Compliance Considerations
  • Understanding Privacy Protection Objectives Delineated in Legislation
  • Strategically Developing Privacy Policies & Protections on the Front-End of IT Key Initiatives
  • Privacy Concerns Related to Social Networking, Mobility, and Open Government & Transparency

IT Workforce Planning & Development, Budget

  • Winning the War on IT Talent: Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Top IT Talent
  • Training and Developing IT Workforce to Ensure Effective IT Project Management and Execution with Minimal Risk
  • Analysis of OMB’s “Federal IT Management Reform” Initiative and How It Will Impact Your Day-to-Day
  • Managing a New IT Culture Driven by High Threat Levels, Scarce IT Budgets, and a Managed-Services Model

Records & Information Management

  • The Next Steps in Making Information & Services Available Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device
  • Data Policies & Mandates: Open Data Policy, NAP, APIs, Section 508, Data Act
  • Data Consolidation: Challenges, Progress, Future Expectations
  • The Challenges of Making Privacy Compliance More Accessible, and Spending More Transparent

EA, Portfolio Management, Project Management

  • Properly Leveraging EA to Ensure Mission Oriented Value Creation
  • Ensure Strategies for Optimizing Purchasing Contracts and Share Services Platforms Laws & Compliance Regulations: Meeting IT Governance Requirements through Successful Portfolio Management
  • Optimizing the Modernization & Management of Critical Areas Including Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Networks/Systems
  • Ensuring an Effective, Efficient, and Secure Supply Chain and Procurement Process